8 Harry Potter Wedding Ideas For Your Magical Wedding

8 Harry Potter Wedding Ideas For Your Magical Wedding

There plenty of ways to incorporate a Harry Potter Wedding theme into your wedding day. There  table centrepieces, photo booth props, wedding favours, and even a Harry Potter-themed wedding cake. Regardless of your budget, there are plenty of ways to bring the magical world of Harry Potter into your wedding.

Bulk Sets to give out to your Guests

There are many ways to incorporate Harry Potter wedding favours into your wedding. For a truly magical day, consider choosing Harry Potter cufflinks or paper wings. Both are fun and affordable ways to include HP flair into your special day. One great way to give your guests HP-inspired gifts  by purchasing Platform 9 3/4 cufflinks or paper wings from Geek Outlet. Guests are likely to want to wear these after the wedding, so you may want to consider buying bulk sets to give out to your guests.harry potter wedding

Harry Potter Wedding Favours

You can also choose from a number of Harry Potter themed wedding favours, such as chocolate frogs and magic wands. These are perfect for guests who love the Harry Potter books, or who are planning a Harry Potter wedding. These can be personalized  the date of the wedding, and come packaged in boxes reminiscent of the books. These can  given to guests as keepsakes to remember their magical day.harry potter wedding

Harry Potter Table Centrepieces

To make your magical wedding one, you can use Harry Potter table centrepieces. There are many different options, from cauldrons to potions. You can also add props like vintage suitcases and piles of spell books. You can even include replicas of pages from the books as table centrepieces. You cangive your guests favours from the Harry Potter series, such as Chocolate Frogs.

Harry Potter Seating Arrangement

The Mandrake is not a real plant, but the Harry Potter table centrepiece would be perfect for a greenhouse wedding. Another idea is to use Hogwarts acceptance letters as table centrepieces. The tables can be named after houses, characters, or books from the books.harry potter wedding

Harry Potter photo booth props

Your magical wedding can have a Harry Potter theme with Harry Potter photo booth props. For a photo booth game, you can use a prop like Sirius and the Black family’s wand. The backdrop of the photo booth can be a replica of 12 Grimmauld Place. You can also have a special cake, perhaps with the image of the Patronus.

Stuffed with Harry Potter Swag.

You can create the entire photo booth experience by using props inspired by the books. The props are made of glitter cardstock and attached to thick wooden dowels. You can also purchase Harry Potter swag, including his glasses and scarf. Another great idea is to include props from the books, such as Luna Lovegood’s  Spectrespecs. You can also purchase personalized tote bags to give to your guests, stuffed with Harry Potter swag.harry potter wedding

Harry Potter Wedding Cake

If you want to include the wizarding world in your wedding, consider a Harry Potter cake. A cake decorated in the form of a Patronus (the patronus  the head of the house elves) would be a perfect fit. If you don’t want to go all out, consider a subtle Harry Potter theme. For example, your cake can feature Hogwarts acceptance letters flying through the air.

Harry Potter Inspired Props for your Wedding

You can  have Harry Potter inspired props for your wedding. If you and your husband are fans of the books, you can incorporate them into the ceremony and reception. A Harry Potter wedding theme is fun because it allows you to be creative while incorporating the magical world. You can choose to have a simple cake with a unique cake topper, or a more elaborate cake with intricate details. Some couples also choose to use Patronus inspired cake toppers, which are subtle references to the world of Harry Potter.harry potter wedding

Harry Potter Wedding Ring

There are so many ways to incorporate Harry Potter into your wedding, but the most romantic way  to give your bride-to-be a ring box that resembles a wand from the series. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you can even hire a ballet dancer to perform a wedding ballet for your guests. Not only will this delight your guests, but it will also thrill any Harry Potter fan.

Harry Potter Wedding Gift

Another idea for a Harry Potter wedding gift is to get the newlyweds an officially licensed chess set. These exquisitely detailed pieces look like props from the films and can even serve as wedding decor! This set has beautiful artwork of iconic movie scenes, including Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night, and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft. The newlyweds can even collaborate to create a stylized version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night using the pieces

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