A Taxonomy of Taipeis Bubble Tea with Boba Toppings

A Taxonomy of Taipeis Bubble Tea with Boba Toppings

Taipeis Bubble Tea is becoming a staple of western diets, and this article explores the origins of the beverage. This article includes information on Origins, Ingredients, Snacks, and Varieties. There are now hundreds of different kinds of bubble tea.


Bubble tea is a popular drink that originated in Taiwan. The beverage quickly caught on as a summertime treat and  since found fans around the world. The drink’s sweet, creamy flavor and squishy tapioca balls what set it apart. This unique beverage was invented in Taiwan by Liu Han-chieh, owner of a tea shop in Taichung. In order to make it more refreshing, he topped it with ice. Taking the cue from the iced coffee served in Japan, he came up with the name “bubble tea.” The “bubble” in the drink’s name refers to the thick layer of foam that forms on top of the drink when the drink is shaken.

Invention of Bubble Tea

Taiwanese immigrants brought the drink to the U.S. and began opening bubble tea shops in the early 1990s. According to the LA Weekly, this was the “invention” of bubble tea. Bubble Tea


Bubble tea can  found in a variety of flavors and colors. Many of the flavors are based on fruit juices that can  added to the drink. Many of these flavors are also available in flavored syrups. These  made from the fruit juices and provide a delicious and light refreshing flavor.

Long History in Taiwanese Cuisine

Bubble tea has a long history in Taiwanese cuisine. It was created by Chang Fan Shu, who opened his first tea shop in 1949. He made the drink using a cocktail shaker. He also added tapioca pearls, which a traditional dessert in Taiwan. The cassava plant was introduced to Taiwan during the Japanese occupation.


One of the best ways to experience Taiwan’s vibrant nightlife is by trying out its countless snacks. The city is home to one of the busiest night markets in the world, and you can sample many of its delectable treats. No matter your taste buds, Taipei has something for you. Whether you’re after a cup of hot bubble tea or a plate of fried dumplings, the city has it all.


Wide Variety of Boba Toppings

The traditional order of bubble tea is a cup of black milk tea with a large tapioca-boba. However, you can  choose to have your drink flavored with green or white tea. Many bubble tea eateries also offer a wide variety of boba toppings, ranging from grass jelly to coconut jelly. Bubble Tea


If you’re traveling to Taiwan, you might want to try a Taiwanese Bubble Tea. These specialty drinks served in jumbo glasses and come in various flavors. The classic order consists of black tea with a tapioca boba, although you can find variations of this drink that are not based on tea. Other flavors include lychee, grass jelly, and coconut.

Classic Flavored of Bubble Tea

Besides the classic flavored bubble tea, bubble milk tea available in several variations. One of the most popular drinks is The Whale Crystal, a gradient of soft blue that contains coconut milk filled with peach jelly and placed on a miniature light. This drink is very popular in Taiwan, but can be found throughout the world.

Origins in Taiwan

Bubble tea is a delicious treat that originated in Taiwan. It is a sweet beverage that is made from black tea and milk, with added tapioca pearls. The drink is served with a large straw and is highly refreshing. It has different types of bubbles and can  topped with jellies and other ingredients.

Invented in Taiwan in The 1980s

Bubble tea was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s, where it quickly became popular. It was then brought to the U.S. by Asian immigrants in the Los Angeles area. In the decades that followed, the Immigration and Nationality Act made it illegal to exclude Asians from entering the U.S., which led to a large influx of Asian immigrants. Bubble Tea

Trends in Taiwan

Bubble tea has a long history in Taiwan. The drink is a classic example of Taiwanese cuisine. Today, the drink is enjoyed by a wide range of people in different parts of the world. Although it originated in Taiwan, it has transcended cultural boundaries and is popular all over Asia. Even if you  not from Taiwan, you can still enjoy a delicious cup of bubble tea if you visit Taiwan!

Bubble Tea was First Made by

Bubble tea was first made using white fenyuan, or tapioca balls. In 1986, Taiwanese entrepreneur Tu Tsong He decided to open his first tea shop. His previous venture had been a hot pot restaurant

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