AnandTech Becomes Tom’s Hardware Editorial Independence

AnandTech Becomes Tom’s Hardware Editorial Independence

AnandTech has had no shortage of suitors this year, and its latest deal with Tom’s Hardware will not only increase its overall traffic eight times over its current audience, but will also give it editorial independence. The two websites will no longer compete for readership, but will rather learn from one another. This deal marks an important milestone for online media in 2014.

AnandTech Shimpi

AnandTech is an online computer hardware magazine that was founded by 14-year-old Anand Shimpi. The website now owned by Future plc. Anand was editor-in-chief and CEO of the site from 1997 until August 2014 when he was replaced by Ryan Smith.

History of writing about Tech

While he will continue to advise the team on editorial matters, Anandtech will step away from the day-to-day operations of AnandTech. Incoming editor-in-chief Ryan Smith will continue the work of Shimpi. The Founder and Editor-in-Chief of AnandTech has a long history of writing about tech.

Apple Representative

In his farewell post, Anandtech  Shimpi has announced his retirement from technology journalism, but he did not say where he will be going next. However, a Re/code report claims  he will be joining Apple. The report was based on an internal communication with an Apple representative. Shimpi will likely take up a similar role to Brian Klug at Apple, which focused on mobile processors.


Shimpi is leaving AnandTech to work at Apple in an undisclosed role. AnandTech is a technology website that has focused on tech reviews of Apple products. Shimpi was 32 when he announced his’retirement’ from writing, but later revealed the truth about the reason for his sudden resignation.

History of Anandlal Shimpi

AnandLal Shimpi was born in North Carolina in 1982. His father was a computer science professor and his mother was a teacher. He began building PCs at a young age and studied at North Carolina State University. His net worth is estimated at $1 to $5 million. Shimpi  not married nor does he have any children. He enjoys privacy.

Leading Experts on High-End Pcs and workstations

While Shimpi is not a hardware engineer, he is considered a PC and workstation expert and an authoritative reference for those in the high-end PC and workstation industry. The weight of his knowledge is substantial. He is one of the world’s leading experts on high-end PCs and workstations.

Brian Klug

The mobile industry never slows down. Brad and Myriamat the helm of the podcast boat. This time, they’re joined by Anandtech’s Brian Klug. The two men talk about the industry’s latest news and trends. This podcast is an excellent resource for all things mobile.AnandTech


Among other things, Shimpi was pro-Apple, and his role at AnandTech was to cover Apple’s new products. He was even given early access to new hardware. But while he’s still advising the AnandTech editorial team, he’ll step away from the day-to-day operations of the site.

After 17 Years

After 17 years, AnandTech has undergone a change in leadership. Despite the change of leadership, the website’s mission remains unchanged: it will continue to feature in-depth reviews, benchmarks, and architectural overviews. AnandTech is no longer a startup. It  an established industry publication that has been around for decades.


Tech media mogul David Purch has just acquired IT and computing review website AnandTech. The company, which was previously part of the Anandtech Media Network, has been rebranded to reflect the new ownership. Purch already owns LAPTOP, Tom’s Hardware and Top Ten Reviews, and AnandTech will add to his list of online properties. The site has more than one hundred million monthly visitors, which makes it one of the most popular and widely read IT reviews.

Purch will be a new owner of Anandtech

While Purch will be a new owner of AnandTech, the site will remain independent and editorially independent. The new editor-in-chief, Ryan Smith, has joined the company. His addition indicates the company is aiming to scale further. Purch also plans to continue to support the existing staff of the site.

Acquisition makes Sense fror Purch

The acquisition makes sense for Purch, which  focused on helping technology buyers make smart decisions. The company has a proven business model, a large audience, and a shared set of values. The company, which bought Tom’s Hardware in the late 90s, focused on simplifying complex purchasing decisions for consumers. The acquisition of AnandTech will help Purch continue its strategy of connecting sellers and marketers, while creating a more streamlined buying process.AnandTech

Purch at Anandtech

Purch at AnandTech: The company has acquired AnandTech, a technology review website founded by Anand Shimpi. Shimpi had run the site for 17 years before being acquired by Purch, the publisher behind Laptop Mag and Tom’s Hardware. While both sites remain editorially independent, they are no longer competitors.

Ryan Smith

After anand Lal Shimpi quit the company in August, Ryan Smith took over as editor-in-chief of AnandTech. The site has remained profitable since its inception. Nevertheless, it sought a buyer with similar values. While this was a long process, Smith found the outcome heartening. In addition, he pointed to the recent investments in the company by new media, VCs and traditional media.


Since 1997, AnandTech has become a leading site for technical enthusiasts, and has always focused on quality and depth. It reviews and analyzes the latest technologies to help readers make informed buying decisions. As Managing Editor, you’ll lead the editorial team, develop editorial write-ups, and supervise the work of junior freelancers.

Purch has yet to Disclose the Price

AnandTech  owned by Purch, a publishing company behind Laptop Mag and Tom’s Hardware. It originally made its name as an authority on computer hardware reviews and has expanded into mobile and software. It is now profitable, and Purch has yet to disclose the price. It  unclear what Purch’s plans are for the future of AnandTech.

Upcoming changes at Anandtech

The upcoming changes at AnandTech could mean a change in the editorial direction of the site. The company is reportedly preparing for the transition by expanding the editorial staff. It  unclear if the site will continue to publish articles relating to hardware, but it’s worth noting that the team is being restructured to prepare for Shimpi’s departure.

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