Best Pole Dancing Shoes – Aesthetics & Comfort

Best Pole Dancing Shoes – Aesthetics & Comfort

There are many different styles of pole dancing shoes available on the market. If you want to improve your pole dancing game, you might want to look into buying exotic shoes. These types of shoes  usually made with high heels, which will help you improve your style and performance on the pole.

Ellie Stiletto

Ellie Stiletto shoes  made from high-quality synthetic materials, and they are comfortable to wear. These shoes have a platform height of about three inches, and the straps  made of silicone. This makes them virtually indestructible and will not stretch out over time. The soles are made of rubber or other non-slip material, which is great for dancing in water or sweat.

Made from a Vegan-Friendly

Made from a vegan-friendly and 100% PAT material, these shoes are both comfortable and durable. The rubber soles provide a solid base for upper movement. The shoes also fit true to size, and they have a wide toe area. The adjustable ankle straps make them easy to slide into and out of.Pole Dancing Shoes

Ellie Shoes women’s Flirt C Platform Sandal

Ellie Shoes Women’s Flirt C Platform Sandal has a three-inch platform, which gives you better balance. The clear color makes these shoes extremely eye-catching. Moreover, the pig leather insole provides additional cushioning, which helps you avoid fatigue when spinning.


MissHeel pole dancing shoes are designed to help you perform in style and comfort. Made of high-quality synthetic materials, they are water-resistant and stain-resistant. The high-heeled, slender design gives you a feminine, elegant look. You can also customize these shoes to make them unique.

Shoes are made of a Vegan-Friendly, 100% PAT Material

These shoes are made of a vegan-friendly, 100% PAT material. The design is timeless and durable. The solid rubber sole offers a sturdy base for upper movements. The wide toe area and adjustable ankle straps provide extra comfort and ease of entry. The height of the shoes is 5.25 inches.

Comfortable Design

These shoes are perfect for the woman who likes to party in style. They are designed with a high-heeled platform for a firm, comfortable base. The comfortable design also features a clear vinyl material that doesn’t stain and is waterproof.Pole Dancing Shoes


Pleaser pole dancing shoes have a plethora of features. Firstly, they are made from 100% PAT material, which is a vegan-friendly material. These shoes are also durable and classic. Moreover, they have solid rubber soles, which are perfect for providing a solid base for upper movement. These shoes also come in a wide size range and have adjustable ankle straps. The heel height is around five and a half inches.

Benefit of  Pleaser Pole Dancing Shoes

They are also designed to help build strength and balance. They also help make your legs appear longer. Another benefit of Pleaser pole dancing shoes is that they help you get more flexibility. If you want to learn the art of pole dancing, you should buy a pair of these shoes. It is an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Women’s Kiss Sandal Model

The best model to buy is the Pleaser Women’s Kiss Sandal model. This model is great for beginners because it is comfortable and has an ideal height.

Ellie Juliet

The Ellie Juliet is a vegan leather sandal with a tall, towering platform. It has an ankle strap with buckle closure and looks good with stockings. The heel is not overly high, but the platform is tall enough to look graceful. The platform also decreases the over-arch effect of really tall heelsPole Dancing Shoes

Shoes are ideal for Boudoir and Pole Dancing

These comfortable shoes are ideal for boudoir and pole dancing. They feature a faux patent upper that looks like premium grade leather. The padded insole provides additional comfort while walking. The 6.25 inch heel is a perfect length for pole dancing and can be worn in the boudoir, too.

Ellie Juliet Shoes come in different Colors

The Ellie Juliet shoes come in different colors. They are most attractive in black and leopard print. These shoes have a rounded toe and a platform underneath the front of the foot. This keeps the ball and heel of the foot from feeling jarring or painful.

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