Business Advisory & Transformation Services Provider

Business Advisory & Transformation Services Provider

Base22 is an American firm that provides Business Advisory & Transformation Services to help companies realize the full potential of digital technology. The company’s services include user experience evaluations, application modernization, change management, infrastructure design, and integration. These services are designed to help businesses achieve their objectives and transform into more innovative and successful enterprises.

Application Modernization

IBM Application modernization services can speed the time to value of hybrid cloud environments and optimize business operating models. The benefits of modernization extend beyond cost savings and productivity. They also create new opportunities for innovation. The services of IBM Application modernization experts include skills and experience in the latest technologies, as well as the ability to think outside the roadmap. This enables customers to achieve greater business results faster.

High-Quality Building Materials

A global building materials company, CEMEX provides high-quality building materials in 50 countries. In the past, it was difficult to set global standards for its customer-facing websites. The company needed an effective global platform that would enforce enforceable standards. With a digital experience platform that includes a standardized information architecture, design language, and content strategy, Base22 helped CEMEX modernize its customer-facing websites across 50 countries.

User Experience Evaluations

User experience evaluations are a critical part of delivering a positive user experience to customers. A positive experience drives more visitors and higher conversion rates. It also reduces development time and costs. A positive experience also encourages satisfied customers to share their positive experiences with their friends and networks. In addition, companies that invest in UX services also benefit from lower support and customer acquisition costs. In fact, research has shown that every dollar spent on UX services generates a hundred dollars in ROI. Transformation Services


Base22 is an award-winning digital consulting firm that supports organizations throughout their Digital Transformation journey. Known for its agile approach and proven methodology, Base22 develops solutions that help companies realize their goals. Its services range from enterprise portals to digital service design, systems integration, content and applications migration projects, and assistance with infrastructure.

Systems Integration

Base22 focuses on digital services for businesses that are undergoing a digital transformation. The company provides consulting, systems integration, and application migration services. The company uses Semantic Web technologies like Linked Data models that are flexible, schema-less, and dynamic. The company also offers an out-of-the-box backend solution, Carbon LDPTM.

Integration Services

The company also offers testing and systems integration services. These services help organizations make the most of their software implementations. The firm’s services help organizations improve their business processes by reducing the time it takes to produce production applications. They also help organizations enhance their data security and reduce operational costs. Transformation Services

Change Management

Business advisory & transformation services provider Base22 offers digital services for companies undergoing digital transformation. These services are designed to help companies implement new technologies and processes, and can be a valuable part of a company’s transformation strategy. They can help companies develop a change management strategy and help secure funding for the project.

Experiences and Tools

Change management is an essential element of a successful digital transformation. However, convincing workers to adopt new experiences and tools is not an easy task. Most people are resistant to change. However, with the right change management, your organization can energize and motivate its team to embrace the new activities. By getting your employees excited and motivated to make the necessary changes, your digital transformation will be a success.

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