Custom Keychain Making Process from Vograce

Custom Keychain Making Process from Vograce

If you are looking for an amazing personalized keychain, you’ve come to the right place. Vograce offers a vast selection of customized keychains as well as glass buttons, charms, phone cases, and more. The process for customizing these items is simple, and the variety unmatched.


Acrylic is a polymer, a substance made of a number of molecules. The term “polymer” comes from the Greek words “poly” meaning “many” and “meros,” meaning “part.” It is made from a combination of many molecules, sometimes hundreds of them, linked together. The end result is a plastic with unique properties. For example, the Houston Astrodome’s ceiling  made of acrylic panels.

Acrylic Acid

The main component of acrylic is acrylic acid, which is a type of unsaturated carboxylic acid. It contains a double bond linked to C3 and is a clear liquid with a distinctive odor. Acrylic acid is one of the most common bulk chemicals on the market, produced in vast quantities each year. It is miscible with water and highly reactive with other monomers. It is also flammable, and should be kept away from hot sources of heat.


Highly Adaptable

Vograce’s custom keychain making service uses a process that is highly adaptable and durable. The materials used are eco-friendly and odor-free. Customers can opt for additional processes such as glittering, candy coating, and epoxy coating. Because Vograce has its own manufacturing facility, orders can  processed and delivered quickly.

Professional Factory

Vograce’s factory makes custom keychains from acrylic, which is an environmentally friendly, odor-free material. The acrylic material used by Vograce is highly adaptable and can  cut to any shape. The factory employs 200 people, which ensures quality and a fast delivery. The printing process is highly adaptable and customizable, and Vograce offers a wide range of extra processes including candy, glitter, sequins, and epoxy. The manufacturing process allows customers to choose a variety of designs, including Japanese cartoon characters, stickers, and custom designs.


Custom keychains arethe perfect way to personalize your style and make a unique statement. Vograce’s easy, cost-effective process lets you design your own keychain without having to hire a designer. These keychains are also ideal for promotional purposes


Vograce is a manufacturing company specializing in high-quality keychains. The company’s professional equipment and 200 employees ensure a fast turnaround time. There  three printing options for your keychain: single-sided printing, double-sided printing, and holographic printing. If you’d like to choose one, you can upload your design in PSD or PNG format.

 Customized an any Shape

The custom keychain making process from Vograce consists of several steps that each customer can take to create a personalized keychain with unique design. The products are made of acrylic plastic sheets, which are flexible enough to be shaped freely. The finished products usually packed in a plastic bag and shipped in a cardboard box. The materials are eco-friendly, odorless, and durable. They are also flexible enough to be shaped and printed in any shape or size.

Variety of Colors and Patterns

The keychains are available in a variety of colors and patterns, which allow the customer to create a unique keychain. Acrylic is also a durable, scratch-resistant material. It  also easily dyed and processed, which makes it a great material for key chains. You can choose between clear and rainbow-like colors and even opt for silver/gold plating.



Vograce’s energy-efficient custom keychain making process combines an environmentally friendly manufacturing process with a craft style that is comprehensive and easy to produce. The custom keychains  produced by UV printing on a high-transparent PET film, resulting in a beautiful, bright, and durable finished product. Vograce acrylic keychains are durable and scratch-resistant. They can also be colored or etched. They  available in a variety of finishes, including epoxy-coated, rainbow-like, and silver/gold plated.

Vograce Custom Keychains

Vograce custom keychains make wonderful gifts for any occasion. They are made of quality materials and crafted with meticulous care, making them a treasured addition to any collection. They are also perfect gifts for anyone you know who needs a handy reminder of a special event or vacation.

 Affordable Custom Keychains

If you are looking for a simple, affordable way to get custom keychains, Vograce can help you. The company specializes in custom keychains, and they even have a processing plant for making them. These products can  used for everyday use, or as promotional tools. You can even get a candy keychain, if you prefer.

Vograce Acrylic Keychains

Vograce acrylic keychains are made with acrylic, which is a non-biodegradable material that is long-lasting and scratch-resistant. Acrylic is a great material for custom keychains because it can be transparent, rainbow-like, or silver/gold plated.

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