Hairpin Leg Company – MANUFACTURING THE WORLD’S Finest Table

Hairpin Leg Company – MANUFACTURING THE WORLD’S Finest Table

If you looking for a dining room table or desk with a distinctive look, the Hairpin Leg Company can help you find the perfect one. From copper desk/dining table legs to contemporary hotel table legs, we’ve got the information you need to find the perfect piece.

Hairpin Leg Company

Hairpin legs were first used in furniture in 1941 by American-Way designer Russel Wright. Glass hinted that they would be produced in limited quantities, perhaps due to the availability of materials during World War II. He also hints that the Hairpin Group would be produced in 1942.

Several Different Style

The hairpin table leg is a sturdy, modern option for a variety of purposes. It is available in several different styles and can support a substantial amount of weight. These legs look super chic andĀ  ideal for DIY projects. For example, you can attach a hairpin table leg to a wooden tabletop. Another great choice is a wood slab table. It is made of a large piece of wood with three equally spaced legs. It can also be painted black for a dramatic and striking appearance.Hairpin Leg

Complement Mid-Century Modern

Hairpin table legs are versatile and easy to install. They complement mid-century modern and industrial style furniture. You can also pair them with plastic surfaces to create a contemporary look. They are practical and minimalist, and the best ones are customizable. You can choose the height and shape that best fits your table.

Copper Desk/Dining Table Legs

Copper desk/dining table legs from the hairpin leg company are an excellent way to add a minimal, contemporary touch to your office desk or dining table. These legs are 28″/71cms long and can be combined with most table tops. The legs are heavy-duty and can even be used with the legs from other furniture, such as a bookcase.

Variety of Materials

Hairpin legs can be found in a variety of materials, including recycled wood, reclaimed wood, and pallet wood. Despite the look, hairpin legs are actually very sturdy and can support the weight of a dining table. You can build a hairpin-leg table yourself by using 28-inch hairpin legs and reclaimed wood for the table’s support boards. The legs can then be finished with polyurethane or a varnish.Hairpin Leg

Modern Hotel Table Legs

Hairpin legs are an affordable and stylish way to add a unique flair to your table or other fixture. The hairpin design and style is extremely versatile and pairs well with a wide variety of materials. They also provide a clean, simple look, and can be easily installed. In addition to being highly versatile, hairpin table legs can also add a retro vibe to any decor.

Available in Different Sizes and Styles

These legs are available in different sizes and styles, and are great for sideboards, coffee tables, dining tables, and more. The most common hairpin table leg sizes are 16 inches and twenty-eight inches in diameter.


Hairpin table legs are a great way to add some mid-century modern style to your furniture. Designed to resemble the hairpins originally designed by Henry Glass in the 1940s, they offer a clean, modern look. Hairpin legs are available in twin, triple, and even quadruple rod styles, and come in a variety of sizes. Custom orders are available with lead times of about 2 weeks.

Copper hairpin legs

Copper hairpin legs by The Hairpin Leg Company are an ideal option for adding a modern minimalist touch to an office desk. These hairpin legs can be purchased in a 28″/71cm length and great for use with existing legs.Hairpin Leg


A hairpin table leg is a unique and convenient addition to any piece of furniture. These legs are very popular in the mid-century modern style, but can also work well with other furniture materials. These legs are sturdy and can support up to 350 pounds. The legsĀ  predrilled for easy installation. Hairpin table legs come in a variety of colors and styles.

Retro Touch to Bar Stools

They’re great for adding industrial flair to your home, as they’re often combined with metalwork. They are also great to add a retro touch to bar stools. Several sellers offer different types and styles, and prices may vary significantly. Make sure to consider the general height of the table or bar stool before shopping for hairpin legs.

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