Holidu – The 10 Best Wine Regions in Europe For Wine Lovers

Holidu – The 10 Best Wine Regions in Europe For Wine Lovers

If you love wine, there are many great wine regions in Europe. In fact, some of them are rivals to the best wine regions in the world. Whether you enjoy rich reds or sparkling whites, this continent is full of delicious flavors. Holidu, a search engine for holiday rentals, has put together a list of the best wine regions in Europe.

Burgundy Region

If you are a wine lover, you will love the Burgundy region in France. This wine-producing area is home to many medieval towns and castles. Dijon, the region’s capital, is a beautiful city with a wide variety of architectural styles. The city’s historic centre is home to medieval houses and mansions with ornate ceilings. The city is also home to a fascinating museum about medieval medicine. The Hospices de Beaune was founded by Nicolas Rullin and features a beautiful glazed roof.

Cote d’Or Vineyards

The wine-producing areas of Burgundy split into several appellations. The Cote d’Or  comprised of south-east-facing slopes that produce some of the region’s most desirable wines. Cote d’Or vineyards produce top-quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.Wine Regions

Alsace Region

Located near the German border, the Alsace region  known for its delicious wines and charming villages. There are more than 100 wine-making villages in the region, and the wines produced here exported throughout Europe. Despite the destruction caused by the Thirty Years’ War, some villages were able to rebuild their vineyards and grow their wine production. In 1962, the region was officially designated an A.O.C. region, and today, the region is one of the most beautiful wine regions in France.

Protect the Region

The Vosges Mountains protect the region from rain and clouds, which make the climate ideal for growing grapes. It also provides varied soil types, from chalk to volcanic rock, allowing viticulturists to match the best grape varieties to the appropriate soil types. This diversity allows the region to produce a wide range of wines with distinct characteristics.

Priorat Region

The Priorat region has a long history of wine production. It was first settled by the Carthusian monks in the 12th century and became a popular wine region in the 18th century. These monks founded monasteries in the area and planted vineyards. This region was also home to one of the oldest mosques in Catalonia. It also has a famous romanesque church that dates from the 12th century. The region is also the home of one of the world’s largest Carthusian monasteries, the Cartuja de Santa Maria de Escalladei.

Price Range

Wines produced in the Priorat region have rich flavors, low acidity, and a high alcohol content. The wine making process is incredibly labor-intensive, and the winemaking process can be expensive. The average price range for a great wine from this region is about $40-$60. However, there are some exceptional Priorat wineries that cost considerably less than this.Wine Regions

Rhone Valley Region

The Rhone Valley is a Mediterranean region, but it has a continental climate, too. The Mistral wind affects the Northern Rhone in the winter and spring, stripping vines of moisture and preventing the formation of diseases. The wind also protects crops from frost during spring.

High Quality Wine

The Rhone Valley region  known for its wines of high quality. Its wines are produced in large quantities and are exported worldwide. Approximately 400 million bottles of wine  produced in this region each year. Most of this wine  sold in France, but the region also makes wine for England, Belgium, Canada, and Germany. Rhone Valley wine is known for being food-friendly, and is popular with food lovers.

Valpolicella Region

The Valpolicella region of Italy is a great place for wine lovers. Valpolicella is known for its wine, which is as old as the settlements themselves, and for the cuisine it produces. This area’s rich viticultural history can  traced all the way back to the ancient Greeks. The wines of this region have distinct flavors and are known for their ageability.

Veneto Region

The Valpolicella viticultural region is located in the Veneto region, about ten miles north of Verona. It extends twice as far east as it does west and connects the towns of Bardolino and Soave. This area is also in the northern classico zone, which is characterized by its terroir. There are some excellent vineyards here, particularly in Fumane and Marano, which known as the spiritual home of the Garganega grape. The white wines of Soave and Gambellara  also produced here.

Tuscany Region

The Tuscany region is one of the best places in Europe to visit if you are a wine lover. Some of the world’s best wines come from this region, including the Sangiovese-based Chianti Classico and Vino Nobile from Montepulciano. The region is home to centuries-old viticulture traditions. In addition to viticulture, the Tuscan region is also home to a beautiful art scene. This area also features hilltop villages and a number of small art towns.

Variety of Wine Regions

There are a variety of wine regions in Tuscany, and each region has its own speciality. Chianti is perhaps the most famous region, and it is known worldwide for its vineyards and wine. Visitors should take a vineyard tour in the area, where they can enjoy the landscape and learn about the production process.Wine Regions

Alentejo Region

Portugal’s Alentejo region is a great wine region for wine lovers, and there are several reasons to visit. First of all, its climate is perfect for wine-making year-round. It also has great food and shopping options. In addition, the Alentejo region has some of the most scenic coastline in Europe.

Vast Region

Alentejo is a vast region in southern Portugal that has estates covering thousands of acres. The main crops are olives and cork, and some estates grow cattle, pigs, and cereal crops. Though grapevines cover only a small percentage of the land, they are becoming increasingly important as the region’s reputation grows.


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