Hottest Mobile Gaming Trends for 2022 and 2023

Hottest Mobile Gaming Trends for 2022 and 2023

As mobile gaming continues to expand, there are some key trends that developers should be aware of. Crossplay, Augmented reality, Social elements, Blockchain technology, and Augmented reality  just a few of the emerging trends in mobile gaming. In addition to these trends, developers should also monitor monetization strategies.


Several trends are influencing the future of mobile gaming. Depending on the mobile platform, mobile OS, and release dates, these trends will continue to evolve and change. These trends provide a new way for gamers to connect and play competitively. They also allow players to enjoy exclusive content.


Microtransactions are a key part of mobile gaming, and developers will continue to explore new ways to use them. These features will help add a new level of enjoyment to mobile games. Whether they’re used for single-player games, multiplayer games, or even both, microtransactions will continue to become a mainstay in mobile gaming in the coming years.

Crossplay Gaming

Events another important trend. Crossplay gaming enables players to battle against each other regardless of the platform that they use. This feature will be more prevalent in 2022, and the number of games that will support this feature will grow.Mobile Gaming

Augmented Reality

In the next few years, the number of AR-enabled mobile phones will increase significantly. According to estimates, about 83.1 million people will use AR-enabled phones monthly by 2020. By 2023, experts predict that there will be 2.4 billion AR-enabled mobile devices worldwide. Depending on the rate at which the technology will be adopted, this number could rise even higher. The next few years will be an exciting time to be involved in AR-based mobile gaming.

Features about Augmented Reality

The market for augmented reality-enabled mobile gaming  set to exceed $18 billion. Using this technology  expected to make a difference for children with disabilities, as it can help them learn and remember historical landmarks.

Social Elements

In the next two years, we can expect more mobile games to feature social elements. These elements include in-game lobbies and deeper community elements. Gaming is a very social activity, and many people enjoy watching other people play. In fact, 38% of gamers in the US watch video gaming videos online.Mobile Gaming

Growth of Smartphones

This increase in popularity  likely to be fueled by the massive growth of smartphones. The availability of smartphones  expected to reach 6.64 billion by 2022, and the introduction of 5G and more powerful mobile networks will improve gaming experiences. With these improvements, mobile games are becoming more advanced, smoother, and faster than ever before. Some are even starting to match the quality of console games. Additionally, technological advances have made multiplayer and game streaming possible, which is a major plus for the mobile gaming industry.

Audience Development

In the next two years, the video game industry will focus more on audience development. In the year 2020, Ishai Smajda gave a fantastic talk on audience mapping, and this trend  expected to continue. Games such as Wooga and Playrix have expanded their audiences in ways similar to Hidden Object. The latter aimed to capture an audience using decoration meta, and this will continue through the next two years.

Blockchain Technology

The mobile gaming industry is a hotbed of disruptive elements, and blockchain technology is quickly becoming a key component. As a result, many stalwarts in the industry have expressed interest in blockchain gaming. Blockchains are a revolutionary platform for in-game assets, and are expected to revolutionize the industry as more players transition from Pay2Win to Play2Earn models. But while blockchain gaming may be one of the hottest mobile gaming trends for the next several years, there are still barriers to overcome.


One of the hottest mobile gaming trends for the next few years is the rise of cryptocurrency, which  run on blockchains. Blockchains use cryptography to decentralize data and join digital assets. Blockchain-based payments have been adopted by some game developers, such as Star Wars Battlefront. In the coming years, this trend will continue to grow, and more games will offer cryptocurrency-based payment options.Mobile Gaming

Building  a  High-Quality Multiplayer Game

Mobile games are incredibly popular, and they can be played on almost any platform. These days, it is possible to play games on your phone, computer, or even on a console. Multiplayer games are a great way to spend time with your friends and strengthen bonds. These games are also highly beneficial to your mental health and can help you build stronger relationships.


According to Newzoo, there will be three billion mobile gamers worldwide by 2023. With the rapid development of technology and a burgeoning competitive scene, there is a huge opportunity for mobile game developers to create new, innovative experiences for players.

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