Little Alter Boy – Price, Features, and Presets

Little Alter Boy – Price, Features, and Presets

In this article, we’ll cover the price and features of the Sound toys Little Alter Boy. We’ll also talk about presets. This little machine sounds great and is great for kids who want to make their own music. You can buy it from Soundtoys’ website. The prices for this product start at $99, but you can save money by getting the version with a year’s warranty.

Sound toys Little Alter Boy

The Little Alter Boy is an amazing vocal processing plug-in from Sound Toys. This free plugin is a pitch-shifting, auto-tuning, and vocal manipulation tool that is perfect for producers who like to use vocals in their music. Its intuitive interface is very user-friendly and it’s easy to get started with the plugin right away. It features 12 presets that allow you to customize the sound to your liking.

Free Pitch-Shifting Plugin

This free pitch-shifting plugin works on a variety of instruments and sound sources. While not the best pitch-shifting tool for vocals, Little Alter Boy is still an excellent creative effect to add to your arsenal. To download the free version of the Little Alter Boy, create an account at the Sound Toys website. You’ll then receive a unique sharing code that you can use to activate your plugin.

Equipped with MIDI Integration

The Little Alter boy is also equipped with MIDI integration and a drive control. It’s ideal for creating and rewriting melodies and for creating chord changes. However, it’s best to use this tool with monophonic material before using EQ to get the most out of its pitch-shifting capabilities.

User-Friendly and Intuitive

The interface on the Little Alter Boy is user-friendly and intuitive. It contains 4 knobs and a few buttons to tweak the pitch of any given sample. You can also use the Formant knob to change the tone of the audio input. Finally, the Link button allows you to change two values at the same time.

Vocal Processing Tool

As a vocal processing tool, the Little Alter boy is essential for any producer’s arsenal. The device’s range of voice transformations will allow you to achieve unique vocal sounds and create harmonies instantly. Whether you’re using the Little Alter Boy to create an acoustic guitar or pop vocal, it will make a difference to your production.



The Little Alter Boy features a user interface that is very easy to use. It’s arranged into three sections, each with different controls. The Pitch knob allows for quick tuning of any given audio input, while the Formant knob alters the tone. A link button lets you unison the two values for added flexibility.

Useful tool for a  Beginner in Music Production

The Little Alter Boy has several features that make it a useful tool for a beginner in music production. With a simple interface, beginners can easily make use of the various knobs and get interesting results. They can use it to add harmonics to vocals, double vocals, and saturate samples. Moreover, the Little Alter Boy offers a wealth of presets. There  twelve presets included in the package, as well as instructions on how to adjust each of them to create a certain characteristic.

Powerful vocal Editing Plug-In

The Little Alter Boy is a powerful vocal editing plug-in from Sound toys. The product provides a broad range of tones and effects that allow users to harmonize vocals and change their gender. Furthermore, it’s compatible with most DAWs. You can change the pitch and formant of your vocals with the click of a button.


The Little Alter Boy is a voice manipulation tool that works as a pitch-shifter, auto-tune effect, and harmonizer. Designed by sound engineering and production team Sound toys, it delivers a wide range of vocal transformations. Its unique FORMANT knob allows you to adjust the speed and formant of the samples independently from pitch. This gives you the ability to use this tool to add robotic and female vocal harmonies to any song.

Advantage of the Cross Grade offer

There’s no price listed on the Sound Toys website yet, but a 14-day money back guarantee is offered. Moreover, if you’re a first-time user of Sound toys, you can also take advantage of the cross grade offer, which lets you upgrade from a previous bundle at a discount. In addition to this, the Sound toys also offers educational discounts on their plugins.

Provide a Simple and Intuitive user Interface

As far as the user interface is concerned, the Little Alter Boy is easy to use and understand. Its three sections provide a simple and intuitive user interface. The PITCH knob lets you change the pitch of a given sample by moving it up or down in half-tone increments. There’s also a Link button, which lets you adjust two values in unison.little-alterboy


The Little Alter Boy is a simple, user-friendly synthesizer that offers a variety of sound effects and presets. There are three main sections on the Little Alter Boy’s interface. The PITCH knob alters the pitch of any given sample, and the Formant knob changes the tonality of the audio input. There is also a Link button that unisons two values.

Variety of Presets that are Designed

The Little Alter Boy includes a variety of presets that are designed to give you a variety of vocal effects. Its drive and transpose functions are two of its main features, and they allow you to get a wide range of sounds. The plugin also comes with a built-in saturation and drive feature, making it ideal for musicians who want to create unique soundscapes without spending hours on research.

Several Custom Presets

There are also several custom presets, which  also included. These presets let you change the voice’s pitch and formants, so that the sound sounds like that of a robotic voice. The Little Alter Boy is inexpensive and easy to use, and it includes presets for both male and female voices. This plug-in is also compatible with autotune and other voice-editing programs, so you can use it with a wide variety of instruments. Although the Little Alter Boy only comes with 11 presets, it gives you a great deal of options.

Wlide range of Creative Audio Effects

The Little Alter Boy is a vocal effects plug-in by Sound toys. The company is known for providing professional musicians with a range of creative audio effects. It comes with an extensive set of presets for vocal manipulation, and it is an essential tool for any producer.

MIDI Control

You can control the Little Alter Boy from a MIDI controller or software instrument track. In Logic Pro X, you can add a Software Instrument track to your project and use a MIDI keyboard or MIDI controller to control the instrument. If you’re using a MIDI controller, you can also use the Piano Roll to control the software instrument track.

Various DAWs

The Little Alter Boy is compatible with various DAWs. Its MIDI control and drive feature allow you to create popular effects, such as choruses and harmonies. It works with any saturation or drive plugin, including those from popular effects plugins. It also allows you to change the formant of your voice, which allows you to control vocal pitch.

Formant Knob

The Little Alter Boy is designed to be easy to use. It has a streamlined interface and a number of presets from Sound toys. You can adjust the pitch of your input signal with the Pitch knob, the Formant knob changes the tone of your audio signal, and the Link button allows you to change two values unison.

Works on both Windows and Mac Platforms

The Little Alter Boy also has MIDI integration and a drive control. The drive control is borrowed from the Decpaitator plug-in, and gives the Little Alter Boy extra aggression and distortion. It’s perfect for heavier genres. One of the features that makes the Little Alter Boy so appealing is that it works on both Windows and Mac platforms. You’ll need an internet connection to activate it.

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