Six Great Uses for Gridwall Panels in Retail

Six Great Uses for Gridwall Panels in Retail

Gridwall panels are a versatile way to display merchandise. They can  moved from one location to another with ease, allowing you to arrange them according to the floor space available. You can also use them outdoors to display merchandise. Additionally, they can help you organize supplies and backstock. You can even use them as a point-of-sale system, hanging discount stickers, receipt tape, and extra sacks.

Create a Path to the Register

In a retail environment, grid wall panels are a great way to maximize floor space and maximize the cost-effectiveness of your store. However, many retailers don’t use these panels to their full potential. If you’re unsure of how to use gridwalls in your store, here are some tips to ensure you’re making the most of your space.

Gridwall Panels comes in Different Sizes and Shapes

Gridwall panels are metal grids that can  hung or fixed to any surface. They come in different sizes and shapes. Gridwall panels  attached to gridwall bases with gridwall joiners. They’re designed to create multiple display areas in your store and allow you to move them easily.  Gridwall Panels

Group like Items Together

When choosing a gridwall panel for your store, consider grouping like items together. For example, you could group all t-shirts on one shelf and all sweaters on another. Or, you could group like items by color. This way, shoppers will subconsciously  enticed to purchase more items.

What is POS Systems?

Gridwall panels are also versatile, and you can rearrange them to suit your floor space. They’re z great for organizing backstock, supplies, and merchandise. In addition, gridwall panels can  used as POS systems, allowing you to hang discount stickers, receipt tape, and other supplies that you want to display.

Display Hats

Gridwall hat displays are great for displaying a single hat, but you can also use them to showcase sporting accessories. They  made of heavy-duty metal and can hold up to 10 caps each. They also easy to assemble and can be moved around for different presentations. They also have a neutral metal finish that will make your hats pop off the wall.

Three colors to Match your Display

Gridwall panels are perfect for displaying a single hat, and they come in three colors to match your display. Regardless of the size of your display, gridwall panels are a great way to keep hats in great condition.


Gridwall panels can help you make the most of your retail space by providing a versatile way to display your merchandise. For example, a gridwall panel can  placed near grab-and-go items, such as travel-sized shampoos or small snacks. When used in this way, a gridwall provides an attractive display that will attract potential customers. Additionally, the panels are easy to handle and smooth, so they will not hurt customers.  Gridwall Panels

 Panels can also be used for Smaller Items

These panels can also  used for smaller items, such as shoes. They are especially useful in shoe stores, as they can hold several pairs of shoes.


Gridwall panels can  used for display in a variety of ways. They can  hung from the wall with mounting brackets, or used as a stand-alone floor unit with base legs. They can  used to display a wide variety of merchandise. They can even  used as a POS system, with racks for displaying extra sacks and discount stickers.

 Display Merchandise on Gridwall Panel

Gridwall brackets are another useful feature. These are often used to display merchandise on gridwall panels. They come in different styles and colors, so you can easily customize the look and function of your displays.


Gridwall panels for coats allow you to display your items in a unique way. These units are available in many styles and colors. You can choose between straight, U-shape, and arched panels. They can also be used with grid bases to create floor-standing fixtures. Whether you use a grid wall for coats or for shoes, these units will maximize the visibility of your products.

 Available in a Variety of Colors and Sizes

Gridwall panels for coats are a flexible, adaptable, and affordable display option. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes, making them perfect for retail settings. They are also an excellent choice for displaying sports apparel and equipment.  Gridwall Panels


If you’re considering buying gridwall panels for your store, there are a variety of benefits you can expect. For starters, they’re easy to install and move around, so you can place them wherever you need them. They’re also flexible, meaning you can adjust the layout to showcase different types of merchandise.

Heavy-Duty Tools

Whether you need to block off an area or guide shoppers into another area of your store, gridwall panels  a great way to do so. They can be used to showcase clothing, books, and even heavy-duty tools. They’re zz a durable, easy-to-use option that’s available in a variety of colors and sizes.

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