The First Night Baseball Game in the American League

The First Night Baseball Game in the American League

If you’ve ever wondered where the first night baseball game took place, look no further than the 1930s. The game  played in the American League, with the Cincinnati Reds taking on the Philadelphia Phillies. The game took place in Des Moines, Iowa, at Crosley Field. The game was a huge success and many baseball fans have fond memories of it. Despite the early difficulties, most teams quickly adopted night games. The first night games were played with temporary lighting installations.

Cincinnati Reds VS. Philadelphia Phillies

On Tuesday night, the Cincinnati Reds take on the Philadelphia Phillies at 7:05 p.m. ET in a game that will go down in Cincinnati history. The Cincinnati Reds have won 3 of their last 4 games, and this will  their second meeting against the Phillies in recent weeks. Philadelphia has a strong lineup, and the Reds pitching staff is trying to slow the Phillies’ offense down. They will send Ranger Suarez, who has  excellent since his return to the rotation.

 Day Night Game in the American League

Opening Day is the beginning of baseball season in both leagues, and are several games scheduled on opening night. Opening day games in the American League and National League begin at seven p.m., and the games in the National League begin half an hour later. Generally, the earliest gate will open half an hour before the first pitch. The earliest gates  listed alphabetically by ballpark name, but fans can look up the team name to see when their gate opens.Baseball Game

Since 1935, Major League Baseball

Since 1935, Major League Baseball has played night games. The first one  thrown by President Franklin Roosevelt from the White House. That season, the Cincinnati Reds played seven night games – one against each of the teams in the National League. The Reds ended up losing the first game, an extra inning contest against the St. Louis Cardinals, 4-3.

Crosley Field

Crosley Field was known as the “hitter’s park.” The diamond was placed further away from the fences, making it an easier target for hitters. In 1921, Pat Duncan hit the first home run over the fence at Crosley Field. The baseball field’s most famous moments include the 1938 All-Star Game and the first no-hitter.

Officially Started by President Roosevelt

Crosley Field was home to the first night game in Major League Baseball. The game  officially started by President Roosevelt, who flipped the switch from the White House. Despite the gloomy weather, the first night game was a success. President Roosevelt  flipped the switch to turn on the lights at Crosley Field.Baseball Game

Tickets were often Sold out Before Christmas.

The field was lush green and the outfield walls varied in height. A warning track kept outfielders from running into the wall or giving in to the hill. The stadium was so popular that tickets were often sold out before Christmas.

Des Moines, Iowa

A century ago, Des Moines, Iowa was home to the first night baseball game in the country. The game  played under permanent lights at Western League Park. On May 2, 1930, the Des Moines Demons played the Wichita Aviators in front of a crowd of nearly 12,000 people. The Des Moines Demons won the game 13-6, setting the stage for what would become night baseball.

Few Days after the First Night Baseball Game

A few days after the first night baseball game, the Des Moines Demons, an Iowa minor league team, played Wichita in a Western League game. The game drew over 12000 fans, and the broadcast was broadcast nationally on NBC radio. The addition of lights was a wise marketing move in those days, when many teams were suffering from the Great Depression. Night games helped keep many teams in business, and  grew in popularity over time.

Chicago Cubs’ First Night Game on August 9, 1988

The Chicago Cubs played their first night game on August 9, 1988, and they beat the New York Mets 6-4. Originally, the Cubs could only play eight night games at Wrigley Field each year, but a new ordinance  passed in 2002 that allows teams to play up to 18 nights per year at the ballpark.Baseball Game

Sutcliffe Struck out Steve Jeltz to End the Game

In the first inning, the Cubs scored two runs. Mitch Webster hit a leadoff single, and Ryne Sandberg hit a two-run home run in the bleachers of left field. In the third inning, Rafael Palmeiro drove in a run with a single to right. In the fourth inning, Sutcliffe struck out Steve Jeltz to end the game.

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